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re: Paragon of the Klaxxi - 13th boss in SoO

Paragons of the Klaxxi
9 bosses in total
Fight three at a time
As soon as you kill one, the other two heal to full and they
each gain a stack of a buff that increases their damage done
by 10% till the end of the fight
you can tell which will come next because it will have
the ready to fight buff on them
and a new one joins
Once a paragon is dead, each raid member can interact with it
(only one per person) to gain a special buff or ability
the abilities are role specific
the order of the paragons is random each week but stays the same
for each lockout

Kil'ruk the Wind Reaver
Exposed veins - tank debuff
Gouge - incapacitate tank - followed by
Mutiliate - high damage to tank
Death from above - leaps and lands on someone's location
does high physical damage in 5 yards
Reave - buff dps players can gain from the corpse - grants
extra action button that allows them to leap forward and deal
high physical damage to all enemies in 10 yards

Exposed Veins is only a problem if Xaril is out - then the tank
of Kil'ruk cannot also tank Xaril

Xaril the Poisoned Mind
Tenderizing Strikes - tank debuff
Caustic blood - on tank if it reaches 10 stacks bloody explosion
happens and this is massive raid wide damage
Toxic injection - randomly assigns each raider a colour
regularily triggered while Xaril is alive
red: fire damage to anyone within 10 yards
Blue: frost damage to anyone in 10 yards
Yellow - poision cloud
Vast Apothecarial Knowledge - healer buff extra action button
allows volatile poultice - 30 second cool down 10 second duration
all healing done "stores" healing for next damage equal to the
amount of healing done by the healer in 10 seconds

Kaz'tik the Manipulator
Creates 4 hungry kunchongs at the edge of the room
if you kill one he will summon a new one i it's place
they don't need to be tanked
They normally have Thick Shell - immune to damage
at regular intervals Kaz casts mesmerize - random member
is mind controlled and moves towards the hungry kunchong
being "devoured" the shell is down at this time and the kunchong
must take 30% of its health in damage to break the spell
if the player reaches the kunchong they die
kunchongs gain energy from this
if they reach max energy they cast molt and evolve into
mature kunchings and these move around and attack raiders with
swipe a frontol cone attack
thick shell is also disabled if they are hit by
reave which is the ability gained from kilruk corpse
Sonic Porection - deals damage on one player and anyone between
that player and Kaz
Master o Puppets - a buff that players of any role can take
Allows them to summon an immature kunchong to fight with them
for 40 seconds

When Kaz is up do no stand between other players and Kaz
Break mesmerize
No benefit to trying to kill the kunchongs as a new one will just
be summoned

Korven the Prime
Encase in Amber - casts on self or any other active Klaxxi when
they reach 50% health, immune to damage, raid must destroy
the block of amber, if not broken in 10 seconds the klaxxi
will heal itself to full health
Shield Bash - knock tank down for 6 seconds then Vicious assault
Vicious Assault - high physical damage to targets in front of him
Master of Amber - buff tank can gain from the corpse grants
an extra action button that allows them to encase a friendly
player in amber for 5 seconds rendering them immune to damage

Lyyokuk the Lucid
Diminish - damages a random raid member deals 34% of current
health in damage and if below 25% kills them
assigns shape/color/number
I will not go through these
Insane Calculation:Fiery Edge - links same shapes/numbers/colors
take fire damage every second but the farther you get from linked
players the less damage
Ingeniuous - healer buff - extra action button that allows
healing of a random member then the heal is copied over to
all raid members who share the same race or class as the target

Ka'roz the Locust
Flash - is a charge
Whirling - causes the player to spin in place and take damage
Hurl Amber - jumps to a platform and throws amber creating
damaging void zones
Strong Legs - dps buff - extra action button - allows them
to leap to the platform and throw amber - high nature
damage to all enemies in 15 yard radius

IMPORTANT if Korven's Encase in Amber ability is hit by one
of the thrown ambers it shatters it

Skeer the Bloodseeker
Hewn - tank debuff
Bloodletting -adds - if they reach a damaged paragon they will
heal him
Bloodthirsty - dps buff, extra action button - summon blood orbs
around the room - walk over ors to gain 10% of our health back

Skeer and Rikkal cannot be tanked by the same tank

Rik'kal the Dissector
General Alteration - tank debuff
Injection - debuff to the target, sapwns amber parasites
these fixate on players and deal high physical damage through
feed, healed to full every ten seconds
Rikkal will turn someone into a scorpion for 30 seconds
you take nature damage and you can use the scorpion abilities only
Mad Scientist - buff that any role can take - extra ab 2 min
cooldown - turns you into a scorpion for 30 seconds

Injection means there will need to be a tank switch (or bop?)

kill adds as quickly as possible

Hisek the Swarmkeeper
multi shot - physical damage on random player
Aim: stuns random target for 5 seconds and shoots
a beam at him we need to get between the beam and the person
Compound Eye: buff for dps - eab high damage the further the target
is and afflicts it with a debuff increasing damagge taken
by 15% for 10 seconds

Do not multidot aor cleave it's useless as the other two bosses
because of paragon's purpose we cannot avoid killing any one
for two long
Lust at start of fight

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re: Paragon of the Klaxxi - 13th boss in SoO

Sure next week will be a different order but I recommend with Korven the Prime to deal with his ability:
Encase in Amber – If Korven the Prime or any other active Paragon is below 50% health remaining Korven will Encase them in Amber for 10 sec. If the amber is not defeated within 10 sec the target will be restored to full health.This ability cannot be used more than once every 30 seconds.

That we do multi dot/cleave down two of them. Bringing the one that we want to keep over 50% but as close as possible to it and then pushing the non kill target to below 50% so that they become encased and healed to full.

With our dps being amazing as it is, adding in the dps needed to break the amber in 10 seconds seems a bit rough at the moment until we can "out gear" the normal mode encounter.
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